After an intense fortnight of one-on-one rehearsals, a read-through, a ‘stage business’ rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, and much prop-buying and blood-making, the day of the performance is finally here. The programmes have been printed, the props are ready to transport, the actors are prepared, the drinks for the wine reception will soon arrive, and the prop corpse has been constructed – I just need to apply fresh blood to its wounds, and then all is ready. It’s all very exciting; I can’t wait to watch the performance from my book-holder’s seat…

If you need directions to the room, you can use the UCL Route Finder: The Jeremy Bentham Room is easiest to locate from the Gower Street entrance.

If you haven’t booked, but would like to attend, we’ve had a couple of last-minute cancellations, so there will be a few tickets available on the door; I’d advise arriving early to collect one.

I look forward to seeing you all later! If you’re unable to attend, a film of the performance will be posted on this blog at some point over the next few days.

As a pre-performance taster, here is James Phillips, in character as ‘Gentleman with a Spaniel’, describing what the play is about – as an actor using ‘parts’, the only lines to which he has access are his own, and you can see here how this has shaped his view of the play: