I’m delighted to tell you that the performance on Friday was a great success: the actors gave wonderful performances, my services as prompter were only needed a couple of times, Professor Tiffany Stern’s introductory talk about actors’ parts and early modern rehearsal methods was fascinating and accessible, and the audience was enthusiastic and appreciative. We were amazed by how smoothly the play went with so little rehearsal time, and even more surprised by how funny the play was – the audience laughed heartily throughout, even at the most ‘tragic’ moments. As the onstage prompter, even I found it difficult to keep a straight face!

I’ll share more thoughts about the performance, the rehearsal process, and the disturbing interplay between tragedy and comedy in this domestic tragedy, over the coming weeks. I’ll also be posting a short documentary that explores how the actors found working with actors’ parts. In the meantime, anyone who wasn’t able to attend the performance (or anyone who was there and wants to re-live the evening) can find a rather rough around the edges recording of the play on our YouTube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUU_gqVIaFKKRZSUBOR5FYQ/videos

I hope you enjoy it!