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I’m delighted to announce that ‘The Tragedy of Thomas Merry’, from Robert Yarrington’s Two Lamentable Tragedies (1601) will be performed in the Jeremy Bentham Room at UCL at 7pm on Friday 21st March.

The play will be rehearsed in line with Elizabethan rehearsal practices: actors’ parts (also known as cue-scripts); a rehearsal period of a fortnight; and a single group rehearsal. The first time the cast will perform the entire play together will be on the night of the performance; a rather daunting task for the actors, but it should make it an exciting, if unpredictable, experience for the audience!I will post more details, as well as rehearsal photos and videos, as the rehearsal period progresses…

Philip Bird will lead the cast in a workshop on working with cue-scripts in a couple of weeks, to prepare the cast and get everyone used to working together as a company. A lutenist, a musical director, and a cast of ten are now on board, including Dr Freyja Cox Jensen, a historian at Exeter University, who will be both performing in and producing the play, in the tradition of the actor-sharer. I’ll post further details about the participants in this project over the coming weeks.

A version of ‘The Tragedy of Thomas Merry’ was performed by the Admiral’s Men at the Rose in 1600, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, so we will be using Philip Henslowe’s Diary as a guide to our theatrical practice, alongside the research of Professor Tiffany Stern, who has kindly agreed to speak at the performance.

To reserve a ticket, email twolamentabletragedies@gmail.com. Tickets are free, but space is limited, so tickets must be reserved in advance.

More details to follow shortly!